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The Golden Goose King

"For a full hit of classical Asian dharma, The Golden Goose King. . .is a feast. Starting with an informative and scholarly forward, it unfolds into a beautiful, intelligent and unsentimental rendering of one of the Jataka Tales. . .This offering . . .is special. It is more than a children's book: it has an enriched, even profound feeling to it. Through pictures and words, it captures the tale's original transcendent essence. The dignity of the Golden Goose King is palpable and real, as if described by the Buddha himself." — Laurie Fisher Huck, Shambhala Sun, January, 2000

"This beautiful book fills a very important gap in the literary world... Judith Ernst's lavish illustrations recall the art of ancient India, combining with the sacred text to create a rare jewel. There are many books available that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike, but not so many that can be enjoyed in the same form, at the same time... A book with abundant, gorgeous, fanciful illustrations and simple, but beautifully written language (with a natural rhythm to the storytelling) imparting an authentic tale with many levels of meaning, multicultural significance and spiritual teaching of a real nature—is a wonderful find. This book, The Golden Goose King, really does "nourish the soul," and I am grateful to its creators." — L. McGill, Inner Journeys, Winter/Spring, 1996

"The Golden Goose King is a marvelous rendition of a popular Buddhist Jataka tale... Lavishly illustrated by Ernst herself, the book is as pleasing to the eye as it is ennobling of the spirit... A book for Buddhist and non-Buddhist alike." — Dialogue & Alliance: A Journal of the International Religious Foundation, Spring/Summer, 1996

"... the story... is beautifully and elegantly retold. The language and syntax are soothing and peaceful. The gouache illustrations reflect the opulence of Indian/Asian palace life and include many folk motifs, particularly in the fabrics... Use this title to introduce the Buddhist culture or for a gentle story time offering." — Cheri Estes, School Library Journal, September, 1995

"An ancient Indian tale of loyalty and love... is returned here to its Buddhist framework. Beautifully illustrated by the author in the style of early Indian cave paintings." — New Age Journal, December, 1995

"Here, Ernst is truer to the original nature of the Jataka tales, and the story is more representative of its religious nature... the attractive full-color artwork, which adds to the feeling of authenticity, will draw kids in." — Ilene Cooper, Booklist, September 1, 1995

"The Golden Goose King: A Tale Told by the Buddha is not just another book riding the current wave of "Anything Zen" popularity. It is an elegant retelling of a very old tale... Judith Ernst, the author, illustrator, and publisher, has drawn from time spent in India to create an authentically Buddhist flavor throughout. Although The Golden Goose King is a children's book, it really is one of those rare for-all-ages volumes." — The Color Green, Greenville, SC, June, 1996

"This rare book, whose teachings are enhanced with luminous panels of breathtaking beauty, appears at first glance to be either a magnificent addition to any children's collection or a richly textured artbook. Deeper inspection reveals it to be narrative literature which plumbs the depths of a cultural and religious movement whose followers number in the hundreds of millions... The Golden Goose King marks a stellar beginning for this very unusual press." — The Sanford Herald, September 8, 1995

"Judith Ernst has masterfully illustrated a wonderful tale in The Golden Goose King... This moralistic tale could open up a whole new world of literature for children." — Zoee B. Forehand, New Age Retailer, July/August, 1996

"Judith Ernst's The Golden Goose King is a compelling adaptation of one of the classical Buddhist Jataka stories... one can almost hear the beating of the geese's wings and smell the incense of the royal court of Benares. An appealing and elegant interweaving of prose and paintings... " — Katherine O'Brien, Executive Director, Foundation for Traditional Studies

"A traditional Jataka tale, spendidly retold and illustrated." — Parabola, Winter, 1995

"... Parvardigar... has just released The Golden Goose King, a beautiful retelling of the Buddha's classic Jataka tale." — Nancy Burke, Body Mind Spirit, October-November, 1995

"... the Jataka Tales, more than the philosophical sutras and scholastic commentaries, have conveyed the teachings of the Buddha on how to live in the world. The virtues of loyalty and friendship are set forth in the story of The Golden Goose King, beautifully retold and exquisitely illustrated by Judith Ernst." — Donald S. Lopez, Jr., Professor of Buddhist and Tibetan Studies, University of Michigan

"The Golden Goose King: A Tale Told by the Buddha is retold and magnificently illustrated by Judith Ernst." — Eleanor K. Sommer, Unity Magazine, December, 1995

"This is a sensitive retelling by Ernst that respects the sacred nature of the Buddhist text and refrains from turning it into another animal fable. Her descriptive prose comes alive with illustrations inspired by the Ajanta cave paintings and transports the reader to a time when Buddhism flourished in India." — Sudha Sunaresh, India Currents Magazine, October, 1995

"The Golden Goose King is a rare find... this story has at its core the soul-nourishing messages of moral courage, self-sacrifice, loyalty, and the rewards given to those who are pure of heart. Judith Ernst's luminous paintings executed in the style of early Indian Buddhist cave paintings... will draw my students' imaginations to a world they may never before have known existed..." — Marilyn McGivney, High School English and Social Studies Teacher, Member of the California Literature Project

"... any[one] interested in teaching kids about Eastern traditions and stories will find this a solid starting point." — Children's Bookwatch, August, 1995

"Retold and illustrated by Judith Ernst, this beautiful book for children emphasizes the virtues of loyalty, courage, and friendship." — Deborah McCann, Religion Teacher's Journal, September, 1995

"... The Golden Goose King has been beautifully illustrated here with gouache paintings based on early Buddhist art and sculpture. While the format of this book does suggest a children's title — the simplicity of the story will delight them with its tale of love, respect, and loyalty—...I suggest it as a read-aloud to be enjoyed by young and old together." — Linda Skye Smith, NAPRA ReView, Spring, 1996

The Unveiling of Secrets The Golden Goose King
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